IT Services & Solutions

We provide various web services including Web Site Design and Development, B2B and B2C Web Portals, Advanced Ecommerce Shopping Carts, Database Driven Portals, Customized Web Applications, etc. We offer web development services in ASP, JSP, PHP, DOT net applications etc.For further information contact us.

we conceptualize, direct, plan, draft and execute diverse online marketing strategies for project launchings, corporate images, brands, products and services for businesses for a long or short term.
Social Media Marketing is an integrated communication solution that we practice to market and advertise the products & services of our clientele.

Anti-counterfeit/ Security Authentication

Chetana Technologies addresses Security Authentication including Brand Protection, Diversion Tracing need of manufacturers as well as Product Identification and Authentication for Consumers.

  • Against Tampering - to identify if a product was tampered with before purchased and/or consumed.
  • Brand Security/Anti-Counterfeiting - to prevent a labeled product from being replicated/ counterfeited.
  • RFID Label - to add product intelligence to the label through the use of HF or UHF chip technology.
  • Anti-Theft - to incorporate an Electronic Article Surveillance tag in a label eg., Radio Frequency, Electro-Magnetic etc.

Brand Protection

We provide Solutions developing comprehensive brand protection strategies.To provide consumers and brands greater protection from the threat of illegal and unauthorised imports. To empower brands to manage their brands and intellectual property. Contributing to the detection and prosecution of those who make and trade in fakes. Utilizing a strong internal Research and Development staff and aligning itself with reputable strategic partners, CT offers a brand owner proven product protection with layered technologies, supply chain control, and support services on a global basis.

Track & Trace

Our Authentication software allows organizations to integrate information from separate technologies and automate the entire secured process without costly custom programming. Designed for Enterprise/networked environments such as laboratory, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, transportation, and other industries.We provide monitoring and identifying genuine goods within the supply chain. selection of powerful, flexible label & sign generation software offers a choice of features, print technologies and operating systems to meet today's growing identification needs...more

Web Apps

Our engineers have architected and designed various web applications. Our interactive designs, data visualizations and custom widget developments have benefited our clients. Our developers have experience in developing JavaScript/Jquery solutions used toolkits and have experience in Adobe, HTML & CSS etc .Our expertise on .NET platform has provided us with opportunities working on Microsoft projects. Our software engineers and developers have experience in both front-end and back-end and can rapidly design custom solutions and platforms.

Mobile Apps

Our team has core competence in HTML5, JavaScript & Windows8 technologies. This enables us to rapidly develop mobile apps that are consistent across devices. Our capabilities include

  • iPhone apps
  • Android apps
  • Windows mobile apps
  • Application testing