Engineering Services

Our team has diverse capabilities including product design engineering, embedded systems, verification & validation and Contract Manufacturing. Our offerings across engineering services include Avionics, Embedded systems and Electronics related customised product design and development services.

Design Automation

CAD design automation based Modeling promotes the creation of well designed products through the synthesis of requirements, desired functional behavior, design context and geometry through an open, extensible environment mainly through -Modeling, Drafting, Assembly.

Our Design Automation Technology Services include developing customized tools, commands and applications on existing CAD software that enhance the functionality or create a new functionality for specific design requirements. The applications are created as add-ons, in the existing workbench or a newly dedicated workbench is created for the required application involving following tasks:

  • Understanding user requirements
  • Converting user requirements to software specifications
  • Application and algorithm design
  • Module development and testing
  • Module integration and testing
  • Implementation and maintenance

We also cater to various market segments like Avionics, Automotive, Semiconductor, Consumer electronics, Hobby electronics, Industrial Automation, Design Automation and other domains. Our Engineering Service offerings can be summarized as follows:

  • Formal and verifiable requirements capturing.
  • Modeling and simulation.
  • Architectural definition.
  • VLSI design and verification.
  • Micro processor and DSP-based designs.
  • Circuit design and PCB development.
  • Middleware components.
  • Software applications and utilities for device management.
  • configuration, monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Device and platform connectivity solutions.
  • Communication protocols, security and data transfer components.
  • Independent Verification and Validation services.